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Host: Barrie Einarson

Experienced day and swing trader, Barrie is an expert at using Trade Ideas technology to capture alpha in any market condition.


9:00 AM ET - 3:30 PM ET

“I spent months looking at other rooms and training programs. I purchased Trade Ideas because not only is this software great and seems to upgrade constantly, Barrie has taught me more about trading than all the paid programs.” 

— Paul W.

“I am so glad i found trade-ideas…been with the Wordens Tc2000 for 7 years but it is far from what can Trade-ideas do …i appreciate what you do in the chatroom…Been a member for 2 trading sessions and already at good profit.”

– Steve F

“I’m only 3 months into trading, once I started with TI and actually listening to the regulars on here , my performance almost doubled!” 

– Eirik

“What I said in the trading room was very true, I have literally spent thousands and thousands of dollars on every “traders course” that is on the internet I am sure and I have never seen anyone take the time and have the patience to explain theories etc as you do and I sincerely thank you as do every one in the room I am sure. Thanks again Barrie” 

– Don L.